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Sorry folks.

I cheated. Problems already corrected now so you're !@#$ outta luck if you planned to as well, but essentially if you don't take your level up when you get it, you get *that* level's XP for your kills. So if you're overpowered, or have a high level buddy, you can get leveled with much less work.

I leveled a couple of my buddies crazy races because, at the time, they couldn't level on their own at all. (Numos fixed this too, tweaked XP so it's easier at lower levels and crazy races aren't useless.) So we were doin it well before the change, and then for about a day after the change.

Why did I do that? Well, I figured if I tossed them gear and got them leveled, these guys (who at level 3 as their crazy races can get offed by a random fireball)
I'm not a dumbass. Cheating's wrong, especially when you're caught, and I don't like getting caught, so I told my buddies to level very slowly over the next couple weeks or so. That way the time taken was the same and people wouldn't get pissed off or suspicious. Blast got impatient and Sairalinde just wanted to find out if she'd earned enough XP to make twelve, so she leveled up in one night.

How did I get caught?

Get this, I commented about what she did on ventrilo with *mott* on. Now Mott's a great guy, but we are of the typical mindset that people shouldn't cheat (unless we can cheat too). So when he heard this he went quiet, and he was clearly going to do something about it, as was the responsible thing to do. Mostly, I regret putting him in that position. He told Numos enough for Numos to confront me, and I didn't play games, I just told him what was up.

To Mott, I apologize man. Fuckin goofy races are stupid, I generally agree, I was just placating my friends cuz I wanted to start playin and help the server population. Cheating was takin it further, and I'm sorry you had to be the cop, it's never fun. Anyway, hope we're cool, I'm gettin good with the medic. Fuckin bonesaw those scouts without missin' a beat.

So Numos knows, he's got a couple busy days ahead, fixes the problem, does some primo DMing, and deals with life. My buddies are sweatin' it cuz they think they'll get me in trouble, cuz they *know* they're in trouble, etc.

I understand that, simply because they leveled so fast like robbers with stockings over their heads, someone would've figured it out eventually. I'm glad things got taken care of before then.

So I talked to Numos about it, and mostly about fixing the problem quickly so we could get it behind us. He mentioned that some people were unhappy about the leveling, but may not have known *I* was doing it. From my days as Immersea's "guard dog" I'm privy to *most* of the tricks, so I used one instead of reporting it.

As I said, I did it to get people out the door and roleplaying instead of worrying about how their characters would eventually turn out. In retrospect, I think coming from social servers (where you very quickly get to level to what you want to be) and then coming to Andrune was a big jump, and they might've had "jet lag" so to speak.

So why am I posting this if we've already been punished and the problem has been corrected?

Well, mostly this is what I *like* to think you would have heard from me if you'd known I'd been behind it, and wanted to confront me. An explanation and an apology. On that note, I'd like to apologize to Numos, who I essentially pestered to actually make a decision regarding punishment. It's the waiting that kills me, it really does. I forgot that you got a life to lead man, and a server to run. This was probably pretty low on your totem poll of events, and you were correct in fixing the exploit before bothering with the exploiters. I'm sorry for giving you grief and wasting your time.

It is my firm belief that the only thing people shouldn't know, is !@#$ they don't want to know. In this case of this community, the only !@#$ you shouldn't know is plot spoilers and !@#$, fun stuff, y'know? I think you deserve to know the story.

Am I blowing it out of proportion? Nah man, just explaining myself. The faster it's behind us the better, but you guys should know what's up.

I'm sorry, to everybody, for cheating, perhaps especially for using my character, whose level is really only there to represent strength, experience, and accomplishments *in character*, to cheat.

I hope you guys can forgive me.

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Re: Sorry folks.

It's cool that you two are being open about it. That's really all I care about. The cheating followed by "how I was right to cheat" of Immer is what finally drove me away originally and Thursday (or whenever this happened) seemed full of that from people I didn't expect it from.

Little boy, I'm afraid that you have a serious mental problem. You see son, its just no good! I hate to be so blunt but you have the insanity of a manatee!!
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