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Apologies to All Players from Your DM

Sorry guys I forgot all the commands in NWN after years of intensive WoW gaming. Being a multi-boxer made it even worse I suppose. Please be patient with me when I make mistakes trying to make use of the commands for RP/DM purpose.

There are a few problems I would like to explain:

Firstly, DM items in the game don't work the way they are supposed to as per the description for some reason (Misleading tooltip in WoW anyone?). This goes for the alignment changes with the DMFI wand when it says "Change target alignment" but instead it will change the whole party's. The FX wand has effects that won't appear, at least not on my screen. And an earthquake effect, instead of appearing on my screen, will somehow appear on the screen of another player in a different area.

The language thing is particularly annoying because I often need to destroy and reactivate my voice 2-3 times before it will work when I possess a creature that only speaks a certain language. For the sake of simplicity I will not use it for now so as not to annoy anyone. I will clearly say what language an NPC uses beforehand.

Last but not least, as you may have noticed in my plot there are often more characters and information than usual, which means a lot of typing on my part. Please take things slowly when I'm DMing. Rather than trying to explain it in-game a million times, I've explained it here. If I'm unable to spawn NPCs, toggle invulnerable etc all in a split second while players are trying to hack everything they see as hostile into pieces (nothing wrong with that ICly), then I'll just simply RP it out as if an NPC is there. I do not wish to burden Numos with the task of importing too many unique character erfs just for my plot, so I just use whatever is available in the standard template.

If you got any advice or information as to the quirks and bugs related to DMing please let me know. No words can describe how much I've become frustrated with the NWN engine and everything that I would just like to employ the old-fashioned way of RP to avoid the problems for now. I hope there won't be any more instance where my testing will cause annoyances in the future.

Despite all the frustrations technically I will try to run plots to the best of my ability. If you need any help please let me know on msn: as I'm often AFK in NWN when not running quests and doing things at the other machine.

Yours sincerely,

DM Mike

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Re: Apologies to All Players from Your DM

Oh, don't worry about it. You almost gotta expect some stuff to go wrong or work unexpectedly, like the languages, when you DM. I mean it happens to me all the time as a DM. And when I'm playing, well, I mean I don't mind it when the DM needs to take a short interlude to fix something.

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