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On Distant Shores a Moth's Wingbeat Away

Kedri peered at the distant shore through a telescope with a lens of the finest crystal. The boat upon which he sailed was woven and hewn from a single giant lotus flower and floated upon a sea of gently simmering vapour. Far bellow, beneath the surface of the multicoloured drifts on the bottom of the strange sea's bed a creature slumbered. And in its sleep the gas on which they sailed was expelled from its gargantuan mouth and colossal nose. Every so often in its sleep it would turn and dark shapes would move slowly, so slowly through the dense mist,vague impressions of feathers and spindly spider-like limbs far beneath their passage.

The crew of the boat; Satyrs, Selkies and other such Sidh sang beautiful melodies beneath the Feywild sky while they manned the sails of white petal. Kedri busied himself on the crossing with charts and diagrams, books of history and labelling samples. It would be some time till the reached the far shore for his arranged council with the Prince of that realm.

An eagle with wings of actual gossamer alighted on the prow of the ship and dropped a roll of parchment from between its gnarled oaken beak.

Kedri collected up the parchment, read its contents and called to the helmsman of the lotus:

"How far are we from a crossing point to the mortal realm?"

"We are several days with fair fortune..."

"Then we had best get underway."

Kedri Senderthen- The Spring Storm
Fredegar Bumbleroot - A Happy-go-lucky Halfling
Pug - Half-Orc Dock Worker
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