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Apology for Sparse playtimes, and an announcement

Presently, I am busy with work and haven't been able to log to push storylines nearly as much as I'd like. For that I apologize. If I'm in the middle of something with your PC and you'd like something run, please shoot me a PM and we'll find a time when we're both on.

I'd also like to announce I've begun work on a new, long-time plan for Andrune. The module in its current shape has been growing for over five years now and while the world is dynamic, we also all know what to expect at this point. I am starting to rework major sections of the module to make it more conducive to storytelling. This will include:

1) More role-play tools for both players and DMs. I'm hoping to work out mechanics for underwater combat, climbing, and introduce more ways for players to change and explore the world with or without a DM.

2) Condensed area design: new areas will be much more reminiscent of Moonveil, where a single detailed area is used to represent a region - rather than Irontooth Highlands where we have four sparse areas.

3) Fine-tuning dungeons and mechanics, to cultivate at atmosphere of danger that better fits Andrune's setting.

Details to come.

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