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Changes to Bards

With the latest version of the module, I've introduced several changes to the bard class that should make playing a single-classed, devoted bard much more interesting.

New Bard Songs
The default bard song applies a +2 bonus to attack, damage, and will saves. This increases to +3 at 8th, +4 at 14th, and +5 at 20th. A bard must have a perform skill equal to their bard level to improve their song.

Additional bard songs may be found throughout the module. If you have the correct sheet music in your inventory you can create a macro: "/bard <song name>" in order to use it instead of the standard. A new bard song effect will always override an older bard song.

Armored Spellcaster
Bards now have the ability to cast spells in light armor. This attribute will be applied to whatever suit of armor the bard has last rested in.

At 12th level this also applies to medium armor.

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