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Cleanly and neatly written notices in some of the towns.

Wobbling on her paws the blue clothed woman finishes looking over her notices before nodding, carefully tacking them up onto the boards in the towns.

   Wanted: A skilled and dedicated laundere that is willing to thoroughly and repeatedly wash a number of goods until cleaned. Will be payed well, leave a note for Melinda for any interested.

Sighing she finishes the last note before she inspects the bag she filled, barely cracking it open before she starts to gag and nearly turn green from the orc stench. "Ugh this is awful but they looked too nice to just be tossed away without trying somehow..." She starts to empty out another bag of a pile of things, a small sing-song voice echoing out from it as the last few things fall out.
 "I long for that long sharp metal shaft! I've been neglected for so long without any fulfillment!!! A sword! A staff! A wand?! A DAGGER?!? ANYTHING!!!"
The voice shouts from a lone rattling scabbard that clings inside of the bag, the wizardess wrinkling her face at the strange object, "Well maybe it can help watch to make sure nothing rots?" Afterwards she chants a spell to shield herself before conjuring a few others and a final wind shield on her head before she starts to careful put the partially opened bag into the other.
  "Yes! Yes! YES! Fill me with your hard steel leng- OH DEAR GOD WHAT'S THAT SMELL, HELP! H--" The voice is quickly muffled as the pile of extravagant but orc soiled bed stuffs spills out, giving out a squeak she quickly ties it closed before tossing it out to be safely aired, the faint sounds of a choking or dying creature emitting from the large bag.
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