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Calisto had been casting the same spell for days.

Arcane magic had never been Daedamai’s strong point, but after so many hours of this, he’d picked up the process of a sending spell though observation. Ten minutes of some arcane trance or chanting in a language he didn’t know, before she burned the components she’d set out; paper and copper wires. Then it was twenty five carefully picked words, a minute to rest, and the whole ordeal over again. Seated inside their shelter on the mountain, her workspace was a mess of ignored meals and cold cups of tea.

She was trying to contact their families, back on the mainland. The rumors of the cataclysmic events happening across the sea had long stopped being rumors. She was clinging to hope, but Dae was far more cynical- or a realist. The most likely scenario was that Sundabar was gone and what remained of their species was snuffed out, or that their exile caused her to be ignored. With Calisto taking it so badly, it seemed selfish to try and take away her hope, as well as futile. She was as stubborn as him, especially in the face of crisis. Instead, he’d chosen to hide her spare spell components in hopes of forcing her to take a much needed rest from her magic. He leaned on the wall, mouthing the practiced, exactly twenty five word message her incantations had forced him to memorize, changed only when the target of the spell shifted. Before she finished, he pushed off the wall to head out, not keen on being around when she discovered her supplies missing.

There is a safe land far from home. Fly west by southwest, past the sea from Calimport. Seek the land of Aolyth. Please come.

Isania Jalitana- The Huntress (and Mistress Egofantastic.)
Calisto - Gryphonrider
Nyx Talonbite- Amazon Crystal Champion of Death By Snu Snu
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