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A Political Campaign

Vera spends some time in the very early morning placing large parchment messages in conspicuous places about the public areas of the city (provided the guards give permission) and also outside of the walls, including one prominently at the small shrine to the Orchard-Tender:

In the past months hope has swelled for the people of Avendel. One thing all families and citizens need, our food, was flourishing. This was the doing of Llewellyn, the Orchard-Tender, one of few fey on the island without a distaste for the Empire.

Now he is gone from your farmsteads. His spirit lingers but cannot help us anymore. The Library is not responsible for this: By my own eyes there were some in the Library who gave their lives to stop this tragedy from passing, including Magister Belinus.

The man responsible is one member of the tower distinguished by his skeletal limb: Archmage Fettik. In his folly he tried to contain Llewellyn's spirit within a creation of metal and gears. I have seen with my own eyes the slaying of Librarians, the use of a young child as a shield from harm and the attempted murder of many others including myself in furthering his schemes.

This man must be ousted and held accountable for his crimes against innocents and the wellbeing of the city. This man will be brought to justice.

This I swear.

~Vera Smith

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Re: A Political Campaign

Two letters are soon delivered to the Blue Moon, addressed to Vera smith...


Miss Smith,

Please cease your rumor-mongering.

In no way do I directly endorse the capture of the Ilyogden. But you must remember that the benevolence of the fey is nothing but a thin veil. Our granaries are full, our fields continue to bare crops, and we have long planned for a time when the land will not yield fresh food and water. Ilygoden, at a glance, enhanced these practices... but his capricious nature, in the long run, is damaging.

Do not spread pagan lies. It is not benevolent, and it is not necessary for survival, tragic as these events may be.

Magister Fettik's own transgressions will be dealt with internally.

Hasaerius Xephalim
Magister of the Imperial Library


Ms. Smith,

Our Emperor is preparing an investigation into what has transpired, and is preparing to speak on the matter in the coming days. He wishes to hear remarks from someone who is not of the Imperial Library. Please contact me at your earlier convenience.

Gilgamesh Corwin
Lord-Chamberlain of Avendel

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