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Re: Tarah's Big Adventuring Journal

What is good and evil? This is a question I have been pondering lately. I thought it was such a simple question but really it is the hardest question I have yet to find an answer for. Gosh look at me I sound as boring as an old scholar guy! It has been a few days hasn't it? I have learned so much lately and have been fighting that I decided that I needed a break and badly. I know what you are thinking.. Heros and adventurers don't take breaks, well I do, I am all for fighting monsters and earning money for food. However, I take time for myself to be well.. Me.

I am not rich quite the opposite really but I find it makes it that much more enjoyable when you find some way to relax and have a little fun. It was just a small camping trip into the woods. Nothing exciting happened and I came back well rested and ready to continue on my path!

Haven't heard from the painted lady lately, nor any of my friends come to think of it.. I hope everyone is okay. If they aren't okay then I hope it is within my power to help them.

Well enough of my babbling I am off to fight some monsters!

PS: Ainsley is my new friend now.. Thought you ought to know!
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