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v3 pc changes?

Hey all,

I was having a little bit of a procrastination think today about what I would do with my boyzzz when v3 comes out.

I kind of quite want to be low level again, particularly if there is a load of new players, would be more fun and a bit more engaging. So what i might see about is if i can get Caldur scaled back down to say a level 6-8 or so. Yea it basically means ive wasted a lot of time grinding away but maybe numos can sort me out with some coolness, like a base stat increase etc or maybe, just maybe, a transformation into a dragon! nudge nudge wink wink.

I posted it on here rather than getting on the line to numos because I wanted to see what people thought about rescaling like this and to get your ideas, I dont want to be getting a raw deal!

I say all this but i wont really be able to play an awful lot over the next 5 months or so, maybe just the odd hour here and there.
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Re: v3 pc changes?

I'm reluctant to make a blanket saying all returning characters will get special boons.


If you want to continue the story of an old character I'd be more than happy to help you reconstruct that character relative to the new power level and with appropriate equipment.

The leveling rate on the new module will allow you to hit 8th level much faster than you were able to achieve 15th. Its really leveling beyond 10th that will be extraordinarily difficult.

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