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The Druids of Cathbad's Circle

For many weeks the druid grove of Cathbad's circle has remained silent regarding the tragedy in Avendel and its causes. Most recently words of comfort and counsel from the groves elders have disseminated to the ears of the rural folk through the mouths of their druids.

In a variety of words the grove leaders express great sorrow and sympathy for those who have suffered in Avendel along with prays and blessings to the injured. They also explain that these quakes were not of any direct malicious origin, rather the unfortunate symptoms of the illness that is the imperial magics.

They go on to remind those who will listen that such troubles did not befall the children of men in the times of the old kings. In that age the land was balanced by the power and knowledge of the druids, and that the great kings yielded to their wisdom and counsel. It is the false promise of Mages that the ancient forces of the isle can be bent to serve the will of mortals. Avendel has proven this promise to be false.

"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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