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Gambling with the Wind

The Brothers

The Ruaich, the inconstant Fey master of the winds and Lord of change and chance, has many sons. Some are known only because they are more constant than their father, the North Wind and the Trade Wind for example. Others are just as unpredictable as their father. The most well know of the brothers are Breeze, Gust and Squall, bringers of fortune and failure in equal measure.

Although all three are different in their tastes and mood, all are changeable and adore games of chance.

Breeze – The smallest of the brothers and hardest to catch. He is everywhere and nowhere. He hears much, says none and whispers some. The stakes of the games he plays are secrets. His favourite wager is on the flip of an ancient Fomorian coin.

Gust- Not as powerful as Squall but definitely more noticeable than Breeze he barters in his aid. He will lend a fair wind to your back, be that information or force, but only if you win the roll of the die. He rolls with dice made from painted knuckle bones. The forfeit for losing a wager is adding one of your own knuckles to his collection.

Squall – The more powerful and quarrelsome of the brothers, the fuse on his temper is as short as its duration. His fury and rage can be won and forced upon a foe if you are willing to accept the forfeit if you lose. His game is to bet upon the outcome of fights. Often a dramatic confrontation will be accompanied by a melodramatic and sudden storm; this is Squall come to witness and wager.

The rite to summon each of the brothers is simple and many perform it unthinkingly as a superstitious swear before embarking upon a venture. They do not always appear but sometimes, when the wind is blowing the right way and the Ruaich is at your back they will answer the call.

Kedri Senderthen- The Spring Storm
Fredegar Bumbleroot - A Happy-go-lucky Halfling
Pug - Half-Orc Dock Worker
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