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The newest town crier

Over the last several days, many folk have come across what appears to be the newest, and most likely the smallest town crier.

A young boy, short and slight of build, and with an unkept appearance, a bit dirty and frayed - is at first little noticed by anyone. He quietly moves into a spot in each square and begins to sing. At first few notice as his voice is not loud, but slowly nearby heads turn, and a small group would form about the boy to listen.

He sings a song about the recent troubles, and the recent destruction caused to the city by Savages and Tu-atha, and though the song is in-expertly written, nor are some of the details perfectly accurate, that is unimportant to those that listen.

For it's not so much the content of the song that is noticed, but the young boy and his voice itself. Noble women pause and exclaim that it is the voice of an angel, and from such a pretty little boy! though a few also frown saying his parents must look after him better!

Whereas commoners reactions are mixed. The softer and kinder of them tell him he is the sweetest child, and wish to give him small presents of bread, sweets and coppers. The less kind and more coarse of them mostly remark with quite the opposite reaction, mocking the boy for his high voice or calling him a girl, or suggesting things much worse!

Either way however, the boys performance does not last long before he moves on, not letting a crowd form before he slips off.

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