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Magister Sutharan's Proclaimation

[Posted in taverns throughout the Empire, and distributed by town criers.]


From the desk of Magister Sutharan:

Loyal Subjects of Andrune, and friends of the Library,

By now you know the Barghest has been captured. The wolfen creature that has slain hundreds, and transformed many more into beastmen, will trouble us no more. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives to the beast. Surely you have many questions, and I shall do my best to answer them:

"But Grand Magister, why didn't you kill the Barghest?"

A very good question. You must understand that the Barghest was first a man. Then a werewolf. Then possessed by a malevolent unseelie faerie. If we were to slay him the fey creature would find another body in time. To stop it we must imprison it.

"Won't this anger the Tu'atha and other savages?"

Regrettably, yes. There are many individuals who are confused about the nature of the world. They are convinced fey and elemental entities, even malignant ones, are necessary for life. But I ask you: Does the sun still rise? Do your crops still grow? Does your DOG STILL BARK? The answer to all of those questions is yes. There is no reason to continually place ourselves at the mercy of such fickle, uncaring, and unjust beings.

I can only hope the tribals and savages see reason, and do not resort to the random murder of good citizens of the Empire.

"What now? Can we go back to Moonveil? What good has come of this?"

For now you may not. Tu'athan raiders and beastmen still sulk in the forest. But know that the Barghest's capture will be a boon for all. We use his divine essence for our own purpose now. Already our fields flourish, and our alchemical wonders can cure even the most virulent plagues that left the priests and gods powerless! We command skyships and our mighty golems allow us to march to war without risk to your husbands and sons.

Dominance of the Isle's ley-lines is a key aspect of fulfilling our potential as a people, and rising above the petty concerns of day-to-day survival.

May the Empire Endure,
Grand Magister of the Imperial Library

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