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Persistent Locations
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Persistent Locations & Bindpoints

This is just a matter of preference, but would people prefer persistent locations or bindpoints?

Basically persistent locations means that when the server resets and you log back in, your character is going to be where they were last standing. So if you were in Rivenmaur last, you're in Rivenmaur. If you were in Avendel last, you're in Avendel.

Right now we're using bindpoints to save your location. Bindpoints are already used to determine which temple you respawn in (or Eldred's Tent if you never chose). Basically whenever you step through the portal in the start-zone, you go to your bindpoint.

Now I mean the persistent locations sound a lot better. But one disadvantage is that if you crash in a DM-area. You're gonna be stuck there until someone helps you get out. Whereas if we use the bindpoint system, since I reboot the server every night you'll be back in the start-zone the next day.

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