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Exotic Character Request: Urgûl Terroraxe

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Character Name
Urgûl Terroraxe

Subrace & Circumstances
Tanarukk (from Races of Faerûn p. 123)
[url=[sign in to see URL] (ctrl + F : tanarukk in link)

Bred from orc slaves and demons, tanarukks are a powerful and evil strain of planetouched who are spreading across the North. Due to their orc blood, they breed rapidly, and there are more tanarukk's than any other race of planetouched. Originally created to be shock troops in Hellgate keep for their demon masters, they have the ability to breed true to both other orcs
and to tanarukks.

Tanarukks are fairly standard in appearence. They resemble short and stocky orcs with stooped postures. Coarse hair covers their heads as well as other odd patches on their bodies. They have sharp teeth and prominent lower tusks with lower jaws that protrude farther than their small snouts. Their eyes are red and glow when angry. Their foreheads are low and ridged with horns or scales; their skin varies from gray-green to dun brown.

Alignment: CE
Deity: Gruumsh
Class: Tu'atha Decapitator (Fighter / WM (Doublesided Axe))

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Height: 4'4"
Weigth: 184 pnds
Age: 16 winters
Skin: Olive Green
Eyes: Blood Red
Hair: Long Raven Black (wavy and dirty)

Urgûl, a young troublesome orc with the blood of demons in his veins, was born and raised in the Cloud Peaks in Amn. His forefathers have been breeding Tanarukks to most mountains from Hellgate Keep in High Forest and south, increesing them in numbers quickly. Urgûl, with his supreme hate to elves, he has slain and eaten too few of them, as Amn is filled monstly with humans and halflings. Some half-orcs in the Caravan City, Purskul, but Urgûl neither cared or needed those weak breeds. He and his siblings has faught shield dwarves in Cloud Peeks his whole life. He needs to taste some Corellon worshiping elves. But where..

Most mountains had already "demon-orcs". It was time to do the same as some known orcs that went with ships! Over the Sea of Swords to Moonshea Islands..
Terroraxe gathered up some of his siblings and went to their ship which they had taken from some Pirates that visited their mountains, seeking for hidden treasures.. which they also ate.. It was delicious.. They took with them some dead dwarves they had recently slaughtered for food. None of them never been on a ship before and sailing, they really did not know what they were doing.
A few days they thought the journey was to take, but it became longer. fourth day, they had no food left, and no sign of any island at all. The six orcs were going mad. At the evening when one of them went to rest, three others chopped the resting orcs head off and ate him. And thats how they filled they bellies the 3 remaining days, once the first got too tired and fell asleep, the others ate him!
7th day, only three of them left, they see land. They crashed their ship against a big cliff, then jumped to the sea. Two of them were only able to swim, Urgûl and Ugg'ugg. The last one had a heavy armor on him, and drowned. They instantly start exploring the land and find ruins of something that could look like an temple. The materials of the ruins not seeming too old either, must have been a newly made and destroyed building they thought.. They walk further and find a Tomb stone on the green grass. "Kalu.. Puttsonn.. rusts.. hur.."
They hear someone is coming. A horse. The two orcs hide behind a big rock and watch, their red eyes letting them see through the darkness of the evening. Its a man, in a heavy plate.
The man drops a rose in front of the tomb;
"You did great as a one of the leaders Lady Patson!.. Not many of us around anymore, most hidden. Too much evil in these lands now."

Ugg'ugg, hungry as he was he charged towards the horse and swung his big greataxe towards the horses legs, chopping off the left front AND back leg off, making the horse to fall. The man fell off and the horse cried in pain. Ugg'ugg was to coup de grace the fallen man, but Urgûl stopped him in orcish;
"Dont kill everything you see you fool, this one can give us information about this place!.. We dont know where we even are!"

Ugg'ugg growled and put one of the horse legs in his mouth and the other one in his backpack, while he started dragging the horse;
"Alright.. Lets go to those ruins and eat this horse there and question this man.. "
Urgûl, who had learned the common tongue of a shield dwarf back home, which they tortured and ate, he was going to question this man.

The man, in fear and tears told everything the orcs wanted to know. About the land, races and much more.

A new chapter is to start for Urgûl.
"Tu'athas.." he said and chuckled maniacly.
The knight told them what he knew of strong breeds in this island and told them everything he knew about Lord Whinston, his dragonmen and other wierd breeds;
" If.. if y-y-ou are to find clues.. St-start with th-th-th.."
Ugg'ugg put his long clawed fist around the mans neck and growled, and Urgûl said; "Say thats wu undurstands.. ors yus lugs rumoves luk horsus lugs.."
The paladin took a deep breath in fear and prayed to his god and tried again;
" You could start by.. going to.. the warrens.. in Kings March.. Might give you some.. clues.. Please dont kill me.. I-I-I have a wife.. And two d-d-d-daught-.........."
The man got decapitated.. a big doublesided axe took his head off.. Ugg'ugg penetraded the spear the man had as a weapon through the grass and the sharp end through the mans head.

Few days went, and they lived in the ruins of the Triad temple. Ugg'ugg was to find food while Urgûl still slept. He went to the moonveil forest and never came back.
Urgûl woke up and looked for his brother for everywhere near their camp with out any luck of finding him or any tracks.
He packed his things the next day and went to look for him further. Towards Scragrat Warrens we walked, not on the main road, but rather through the wood. After a time he found his brother in the forest of Moonveil while he heard howling through the forest. Bite wounds all over his brother.
"[sign in to see URL]!!"
Urgûl didnt favorice any of his siblings;
"Nose uxcusus.. nose uxcucptions.."
.. and he ate his brother and took his things..

Will he survive in this unknown island, being now all alone? He thought.

- Eat Tu'athas
- Revenge his brother, Ugg'ugg.
- Find Lord Whinston and maybe work out an alliance with him.
- Find orc women and create a legion of a strong orc breed in the island. A breed who doesnt care of magick!

Tanarukks have the same life expectancy and age categories as an orc. They use the dwarf height and weight ranges on Tables 6-5 and 6-6 in the Players Handbook.

Orc Blood, Native Outsider
Favored Class: Barbarian
Level Adjustment: +3
Speed: 20 ft
+4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -4 Charisma, -2 Wisdom
Fire Resistance 10
+4 to Natural Armor AC
Spell Resistance 14 (+1 per level)

Maximum character level: 18 (if cap is 21)

(Race at startup: Half-Orc? Appearance: Orc or dwarf or something short and broad?)
(Voiceset : Orc, Pompous)

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Re: Exotic Character Request: Urgûl Terroraxe

Bio updated.
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Re: Exotic Character Request: Urgûl Terroraxe

1 week bump
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