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-A work in progress, feel free to provide some feedback or comments.-

Appearance: A young, dark complexioned half-elf. Lean in build, average in height.

This young half-elf is a traveler of sorts, and a harbinger of suffering and death in some aspects. He’s been to many war-torn landscapes across Toril, plagued metropolises, and communities struck by famine. However, the young man has no memory of his travels, nor does he remember how he arrived to every new location. It is quite possible that to believe that he is also a traveler of the planes and the multiverse, taking a new form for every time he awakes, and perishing once his time is done. If only he could remember. The only thing he remembers is his own sense of self and his affinity towards healing; he does not know the names of places, friends, lovers, enemies, or anything else that was important to him in his previous life. He knows that his memories are fleeting, and therefore cherishes every positive moment with the people around him. Though reluctant to form relationships, he is driven to do good for those around him and in need until his time up and he is reborn again.

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Eternity, the Lost
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