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GMW/Flame Weapon on ammunition

Could this be done to make ranged weapon choices more viable? I was considering a ranged-based alt but enchanted ammunition is so expensive and unrecoverable that it just doesn't make a lot of sense to do so.
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Re: GMW/Flame Weapon on ammunition

It can be. It is not priority. If you have a reliable script I can install it. All ranged weapons also have an enhancement bonus, not an attack bonus. You're already doing extra piercing damaged comparable to a PC with a melee weapon equipped.

In the end archers can: (a) kite enemies And use terrain to their advantage in ways melee PCs cannot; (b) need not use as many supplied to survive as they are not frontlining.

Will you ever solo high level content as well as a spell blade as a non-AA or non-ranger? Probably not. But you will be amazing alongside a dedicated warrior. What I'd prefer to do is add more summoning trinkets and fancy arrow drops (soundburst arrows, combust arrows, cool stuff for special occasions.) If anyone wants to Submit more arrows that can drop I'd be happy to take them.

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