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Setting-Appropriate Shapechange Options?

I recently got access to the spell Shapechange, and it works as follows:

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On ]this thread, it says:


Shapechange- Additional shapes are available if you select iron golem shape.

Unfortunately, this is the current in-game list of alternate shapechange options on the live server:

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You can probably guess where this request is going. Is it possible to either add more setting-appropriate shapes or change the existing ones? Nothing against red dragons or balors, but I don't think most existing characters have even seen most of these options, so I'm not sure how to justify changing into one. Ideas are welcome, the first things that came to mind for me are:

- Wyvern
- Treant
- T-rex
- Werewolf Alpha (like the Keeper)


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Re: Setting-Appropriate Shapechange Options?

There're two special ones you can 'find' in the game at present. I'm strongly considering adding more, though I may tie them directly to Transmutation Focus; or make them reskins of existing shapes. I haven't decided. Right now I've got...

-Wyvern (True Seeing, Venom)
-Bloodbeast (Regeneration)
-Treant (Immunities, Damage Reduction)

I was also thinking of maybe adding to Polymorph...
-Werewolf Alpha: regeneration, damage reduction (Zombie plus Troll)
-Sphinx: True Seeing, Magic Immunity (Pixie plus Umber Hulk)

Wildshape is a whole other animal. But I had been thinking of maybe phasing out the static attack/damage bonus in favor of unlocking cooler shapes.

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