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Rumors of a survivor

A body clinging to a piece of drift wood, washed ashore outside New Rivenmaur a few days ago. The locals who found the body described it as a young, half-elf male with dark hair and complexion. There were no belongings found besides the tattered clothing it had on its back. When the locals returned to the scene with the authorities, the body was gone, and footprints were found leading to the wilderness.


There are stories of a vagabond approaching farms and stables, offering labor in exchange for food and some old clothes. They describe him as a dark and young half-elf, and he was experienced with working with animals. There is also one story which the vagabond had treated the broken leg of the farmstead's pet dog. The farmers agree that the young man is nameless, for there are inconsistencies with his name and he seems never to stick around for a day.

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