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Name: Fredegar Bumbleroot (Fred)

Race: Halfling

Height: 4’1”

Features: The broad faced, apple-cheeked look expected of a Halfling puts most in mind of pipe-weed, merry jigs and farming almost straight away. Perhaps a bit more gaunt and grizzled in recent years than he was as a lad Fred is still almost always at least smirking if not full out grinning.

A brief description: Brought up in one of Aolyth’s many Hin traveller communities Fred learned a plethora of diverse skills. From tinkering to hunting; the art of non-magical healing to skinning, there are few creatures or devices he doesn’t know inside and out, or could become an expert in working with given some time to study. The same is true of social circumstance, like most of the travellers of the islands he and his often found themselves on the wrong side of the law (whether rightly or wrongly is up for debate) and so he is fast talking and fleet footed.
He delights in adventure and is always up for making new friends and helping them achieve their goals.

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Kedri Senderthen- The Spring Storm
Fredegar Bumbleroot - A Happy-go-lucky Halfling
Pug - Half-Orc Dock Worker
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