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Pia Corael

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Name: Pia Corael
Common Name: Little Kitten
Height: 5'
Weight: 90 lbs

Description: Though possessing a delicately fragile, slender human shape, this youngling looks like she shares little else in common with her apparent kindred. Pia seems to have been shaped out of dark, beaten gold and browned porcelain, her hot skin incandescent at times as if she held an internal fire. Above almond-shaped eyes brilliant and pale with thoughts of flame, Corael's bright aureolin hair bounces and swings lightly around when she moves, though draping freely down her back and over her small breasts when at rest. The girl's voice, full of brass and fire, along with her somehow inhuman expressions, further set her apart from those who should be closest to her. With a smile that holds nothing of normal affection or gentleness, but rather a dangerous joy, and a gaze that knows neither pity nor sympathy, she often stares in puzzlement at the perceived oddities of those around her. In fact, the closest she comes to humanity (beyond her basic shape, that is), would probably be her outfit, spun from soft fabrics and dyed blood-red, then decorated with golden chains, belts, and trinkets.

"Write down fire and joy!"
"Write down earth and fire! Write down sorrow as well as joy!"
...Thus in blood on a page that would take no ink, the new Law... 'AMITY'

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