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Rhiannon Argennt

People often speak of children being born to do something. However, they are usually born to do what their parents do. Coopers have children born to be coopers, wheelwrights have children born to be wheelwrights, farmers have children born to be farmers.

Rhiannon was born to be a paladin, as was her father, as was his father, as was his father, and so on. Being born to a paladin is unusual enough, with the fact that most paladins do not die of old age. To be the eleventh child of a paladin made things even more unusual.

Her human father and his human wife had ten sons. All were trained, and all but one took the call to serve a god. When his youngest son was born, his wife did not survive long. But, Mikial Argennt did not want for a woman to help him raise his sons, his wife's handmaiden, Anadar, a mature elf, stayed to aid him.

The situation brought the pair closer together, and they wed, much to Anadar's delight. She had loved him from the moment she set eyes on him. After a few years, she was able to tell him he would be a father again.

By this time, his youngest son was five, his oldest was fifteen, and he was one of the longest lived of his family.

When Anadar presented him with a daughter, the entire family was changed. Her presence made many of the boys work harder to train.

At three, Rhiannon was quiet, sweet, gentle, and a terror for her mother. While other young girls were playing dolls, Rhiannon was watching her brothers train with their blades. While other girls were dreaming of wedding gowns, Rhiannon was playing in her oldest brother's chain.

No one wants their child to be a paladin, not even one who has such a liniage. Mikial and Anadar tried to guide their girl to things that were safer, both knowing what a paladin's life usually entails.

At five, Rhiannon was playing with her youngest brother's dagger, and stopped, staring up at the sky. Her eyes seemed to glaze over, and when they cleared, she squealed with delight, and ran to her father.

Her hair had always been a pale blonde, her eyes a bright blue. After that moment, her hair lightened to silvery white, and her eyes paled to an icey blue.

After that, neither her mother, nor her father could deny it any longer.

Their precious, gentle, sweet, daughter was born to be a paladin.

Gresha Snowmane, or Gresha the Cold, or Gresha the Pale... or several other names too rude to publish
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