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A public letter to the Emperor and his Lords

The following message is sent to the emperors court. Copies of it are also posted in public places in Avendel, Rivenmaur, and other surrounding towns. They have been placed for all to see and comment on.

The fields of Rivenmaur have been soaked with the blood of those who tend them.

Descend unto the forest gracious lord, stand for your own, and unwind your mighty flag.
All expect, that in light of such events, you should rouse yourself, as did the former lions of your blood. Take up the imperial sword, and let them know of what an empire you have! Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self neglect!

Look back into your mighty ancestors. Go my dread lord, to your great-grandsire's tomb, from whom you are breed, and invoke his warlike spirit. They know your highness hath the cause and means and might to meet them in hard conflict. No emperor of Andrune has ever had nobles richer or more loyal subjects. Their hearts have left their bodies here in Avendel my liege, and lie pavilion'd in the forests of Aolyth. O, let their bodies follow my dear liege, with blood and sword and fire to win your right!

And you high dukes, barons, lords and knights, take notice, for your seats now quit you of great shames! You sit and watch the crimes against your countrymen unfold in the smoldering town of Rivenmaur. The blind and bloody elves with foul hand
defile the locks of our shrieking daughters. Our fathers taken by the silver beards,
and their most reverend heads dash'd to the walls. Our naked infants spitted upon pikes, as their mad mothers let out wails and howls that break the clouds.

Bar these elves, who sweep through our land, with pennons painted in the blood of Rivenmaur. Rush on this foe, like the melted snow
upon the valleys. Go to meet them, you have power enough!

Aolyth and its forests being ours, we'll bend it to our awe, or they’ll break us all to pieces.

The message is signed by Chamberlain Tanaquil

"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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