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Chromatography - (warning, I used too much detail)

Taza's body was tired, but her mind would not let her rest. Taking both flasks from her bag she sat down at her lab bench and began her work. She lit the kerosene burner and rummaged through a draw for some glass pipetts. Taza didnt really need to do this, she didn't need the Rf values, she didn't need the quantitative analysis, but she wanted it. She wanted it so that when she nailed an ass to the wall for what happened she would have solid evidence.

With practiced hands she heated the glass tube over the kerosene burner. Rolling between her fingers until she could feel the glass soften and then whipping her hands outward, stretching the glass into a long hair like fiber. Snapping off the middle segment of the glass, and then again, she opened the flasks.

If the elves wished sympathy for their cause they were certainly going about it the wrong way. Taza marveled at the elves foolishness. They target an insignificant town. A town with such little value to the empire that were it to disappear over night, she doubted the Baron Ilareth would lose sleep. The empire would rather debride itself of the jerkwater town then actually spend resources on its defense.

She filled two beakers with a few millimeters of liquid. One water, one ether. Using the now thin capillary tubes she drew up liquid from both flasks and made a 2 spot, one from each flask on the surface of each silica sand covered piece of glass.

One flask was of the tainted water brought by some explorers from the blood fen caverns. The water that had changed poor Sammy Davis. The other was the wine from the previous day's toast. Taza set the glass squares in the liquid and covered the beaker with lids. She waited.

After a few minutes Taza places the squares in a jar of iodine crystals. The colored spots on the plate beginning to darken. Removing the squares from the glass chamber she held her breath a moment. Her eyes studying the squares and looking for similar bands between pots on each plate. This would confirm or shatter her theory. This would form her plan of action.

( insert what ever results she may have regarding the similarity of difference between the two liquids. Shed run several other comparative tests both scientific and magical to study the liquids)

Taza measures out 10ml of the wine and and the water. Sealing them in glass vials she labels them with a grease pencil and sends them off to the Illareth estate house in hopes that they might know of an antidote.

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Re: Chromatography - (warning, I used too much detail)

Taza finds that the wine was not wine at all, it was a potion masked by illusory magic. In actuality the elixir was a thick, brackish slime. Further investigation reveals that it transforms the imbiber into a were-beast by night.

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