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Cassie - Experiment #163

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Designation: Experimental Subject #163 'Cassie'
Race: Human
Age: 17 years
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 95 lbs
Skin Tone: A translucent, sickly grey that reveals the vein structures beneath
Skin texture: Clammy and rough
Eyes: Stormy grey
Hair: Pitch-black with a midnight blue shine
Dominant Hand: Right
Build: Small and emaciated, with skin that clings tightly to ropy muscles

Description: Before you stands what appears at a glance to be a young female of the human variety, though one who looks like she should perhaps belong in a morgue somewhere. '#163' can be seen precisely tattooed in red ink across her forehead and her skin is just a few shades short of grey, the veins showing clearly through the nigh translucent skin that clings tightly to her emaciated, cadaverous frame. She makes for an odd sight, especially when wearing her bone-encrusted robe, the cloth rotting through in places. To top off the strange garments, those looking closer at her may notice a collar hugging her neck, with octagons of black iron emblazoned with crowned, laughing skulls encircling it. Despite all of this, however, she seems to be in a good mood most of the time, a cheerful but secretive smile curving her thin lips and a pleased note in her dark voice, echoing with a hint of the vast energies being expended to keep this all-but-dead girl on her feet.

Personality: Has a 'serious' mode in which she is cold, precise, and ruthless that is usually reserved for times of anger or work, but she is otherwise cheerful and friendly when there isn't trouble going on. She also is distinctly disregarding for life, and tends to be clinical and distant when creatures are injured or damaged, viewing them more as test subjects or patients than as people. Often incapable of empathy, #163 is still very generous to those who prove themselves loyal, trustworthy, or useful.

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Knowledge is power, and knowledge of life and death brings power over all beings, living and unliving.
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