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Church of the Exile


Arknin wrote:

- How does the Exile religion work?
I understand there isn't exactly any god-worshipping since the Exile's whole idea was to free man from the gods, but they still have priests and divine magic and an organized religion, obviously.

The Exile

Symbol: A golden phoenix soaring upward, wings spread. Celestial and astronomical motifs are also very common.
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Strength, Travel
Portfolio: Divine ascension, human achievement, self-perfection
Worshipers: Monks, Wizards, Andrunese aristocrats and gentry
Favored Weapon: “Guiding star” (morning star)

The Church of the Exile is a humanistic religion, where the goal is to transcend mortality, and become divine. They view first Emperor, the Exile, as an exemplar of this philosophy and follow his teachings. Some practitioners of the faith take this literally and lead a very monastic life, or pursue immortality through alchemical means. The bulk of practitioners interprets this pursuit of divinity less literally and tend to emphasize civil service and self-improvement.

A major component of the religion is the idea that veneration of ancestors allows them exist as a conscience divine entity in the afterlife, much in the way worshiping a god grants them power. Whether or not this truly stops them from ending up on the Wall of the Faithless is unknown. This drives imperials to maintain elaborate rituals of ancestor worship.

The Church of the Exile is largely responsible for the education of the populace. Where their priests draw their power from is unknown.

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Re: Church of the Exile

The details and format make me feel like it was already written somewhere and I just missed it. O_O


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