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Wolf Boy's Warning

Conal's feet moved with all possible haste out to Jalitana Tower, and once there, he sat on the upper steps for some hours as he carefully practiced his penmanship. The young werewolf was dressed in sturdy, but respectable looking clothes now, where before he had been half-naked. A crisp, black vest over a loose fitting linen shirt gave him the appearance of a man of mercantile class, and he was practicing handwriting to match it. When he was done, he slipped the letter under Isania's door.

Mistress Jalitana,

I regret to inform you that your efforts are being vexed. The Barghest has sent Melinda into Aine's garden to collect a flower for him. I do not know all of the details, but I suspect he seeks an antidote. If I can do anything to aid you, let me know.

Your vassal,


Creator of A Tale of Bone and Steel.

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