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Errands and scared young virgins

The small clearing nestled off the well traveled road was silent. Dark shadows stretched out from the massive coniferous trees in the afternoon light. No one was present to notice the one such shadow shudder and darken to pitch. It molded upward rapidly forming the outline of a cloaked figure. The darkness solidified and Cefdnir walked out from under the tall pines. His footsteps crunched as he strode across the clearing towards a large flat rock. The outcropping stood under a massive dead gnarled tree. Small baubles were scattered across the rocks surface; ranging from shiny stones to bits of golden jewelry. Cefdnir approached the cluttered altar and bowed his head in brief reverence. He pulled a garnet from his pocket and held it up to catch one of the fading rays. The stone light up a brilliant crimson.

Suddenly a small sparkle of light raced from a nearby bush and began spinning around the warlock in a frenzy.

"Oooooh - what's that!?" The little glint asked.
"A gift, Tiddlywink. Keep your distance though - it could be dangerous."
"A dangerous gift! My favoooorite!" Tiddlywink piped. "For who!? For who!?"
"The Great Witch of course."
The little ball of light gasped. "Are you trying to harm the witch?"
"I'm not suicidal Tiddly. The gem is enchanted to cast one of several different spells when activated. Some will cause serious bodily harm, one will heal and another will summon something nasty." Cefdnir explained. "I call it the Pebble of Chaos."

He leaned forward and placed the garnet on the altar. He smiled slightly and made his way back to the shade of the pines. The small ball of light followed him closely behind and both vanished into the shadows.


The crisp night air was sweet as Cefdnir inhaled deeply. He emerged from the darkness of the forest and observed the quaint hut before him. Dim reddish light smoldered in the windows and a dark smoke churned forth from the chimney. He picked up the stonework path leading to the cottage. Several small gardens flanked the path with everything from garlic to Sanguine Mandrake. He whistled a bit when he recognized the latter. His friend had quite the deadly garden.

He reached the wooden door of the cottage - but didn't knock. He knew no one was currently home. There was a large festival an hours ride across the forest. There was good money to be gotten from glamour spells. As magic fearing as these country folk could be - they certainly had no qualms disguising their features to garner a little extra carnal attention. His favorite part of the process was the times when she designed the spells to lift before the couple parted the next morning. Hilarity often ensued. Well at least for him anyway.

He leaned a long thing package against the door frame and attached a folded note - sealed in an iridescent black wax. With a knowing smile the warlock turned and left the cottage of his dear friend - vanishing once again into the darkness of the trees.


Hester returned from her evening of revelry with a full purse and a young stud. His eyes glazed from a combination of magics and intoxication. His demeanor reeked of virginal youth. The emerald sorceress stopped before pushing her catch into the house when she noticed the long thin package. She recognized the seal on the note an smiled secretly. With a well placed kick she sent her conquest hurtling into the dark house. She grabbed the gift left her and followed the poor young chap in.

The sun was high in the sky before the young man, barely more than a boy, found a way to escape. He dashed for his freedom in nothing but a linen shirt. Hester cackled as he raced down her front path and into the dark forest beyond. In truth - she'd had her fill and had been trying to get the poor creature to escape for several hours already. She suddenly remembered her gift and returned inside her house to open the note attached. It read:

Peridot Siren,

Your Dark Watcher misses you and wishes you well. Included is a gift to remind you how dear your black shriveled heart is to me. We should speak soon - events have transpired and I fear I may have to remind a little hedgewitch or two to know their place. Maybe you should ready your baby stealing fingers - its been far too long.


Your Lonely Shade

Hester set the note down and opened the long package. A broom made from mahogany wood with pitch black thistleing lay before her. She almost missed the runework inlaid on the wood just above the black straw. It was a combination of infernal, elvish and draconic scripts. They'd exchanged notes in this code before. It simply read:

"For when you need something hard between your legs"

Hester's throaty cackle echoed deep into the surrounding forest; a sound the poor young - no longer so virginal - man would hear in his sweat filled nightmares for years to come.

Elluir Kal'enel: Nightwing of the Moonmaiden
Cefdnir Hawthorne: Warlock of the Deep Woods
Talia Rowanborne: Owl Daughter of Cerridwen
Aerin Fyrehain: Bronze Sword of Justice
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