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Letter to the Wolfess

Elluir stepped back from the pool of water before him. He kissed his two forefingers and placed them on the surface. The image below of a troupe of adventurers leaving Isania's tower near Bodkin vanished with the ripples. Elluir strode away from the well with a conflicted expression on his face. He strode across the small bridge in the Shrine and made his way to Dyana, the other clergy member of the Moonmaiden serving the Shrine.

"Moonbathed - you look troubled..."

"Aye, that I am." Ell said sitting underneath the prolifict apple tree of the shrine.

"Would you like counsel?" Dyana asked aside as she tended to the large cauldron of percalating potion.

Elluir remained silent for some time as Dyana went about her ministrations.

"I struggle with this Barghest business."

"I imagine most of the countryside is as well - Brother. I myself acted as a field medic for a recent attack on the town."

"That's not exactly what I mean. I've been loathe to get involved and I wonder if that was a mistake." Elluir said looking off into the distance.

"What holds you back, Brother?"

"Our Patron, Sister. The Night White Lady has expressed her desire to not become involved with Wormrot again."

"Why is that?"

"Selune has a tentative foothold on the Isle. It grows stronger all the time - but she has divine rules to follow. Interfering with other god's activities costs her. We tangled with Wormrot once already - and quite significantly if you remember."

"Ahh...that seems like problem. Has she forbidden your intervention?"

"Not precisely...I believe the Lady would prefer that I let others do what they can first. And they have - I have been scrying and they are making great strides in the destruction of the Barghest. I fear, however, it will come to a head shortly and its an evil that cannot be tolerated, especially its effect on our congregation and the Were's about in Moonveil."

"So will you intervene, Brother?"

"I think I will." Elluir trailed off.

Later that evening, Isania Jalitina discovers a small letter laying on her pillow. The window to her room is cracked very slightly.

Dear Sister of the Blood,

I know of your recent progress in eliminating the dark threat to our kin. The dark magic of Death has prevented me from assisting you thus far. However, I may now offer my hand in assistance with any forward steps you take. I trust you will reach out to me whenever you have need. May the moon guide your steps in the night, and bring them to the new dawn

*A spidery script draws a small bat underneath*

Elluir Kal'enel: Nightwing of the Moonmaiden
Cefdnir Hawthorne: Warlock of the Deep Woods
Talia Rowanborne: Owl Daughter of Cerridwen
Aerin Fyrehain: Bronze Sword of Justice
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