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How to become a DM on Andrune

Its the role of a dungeon master on Andrune, first and foremost, to make the world come alive and allow player actions to have a meaningful impact.

Typically, joining the DM team on Andrune is a matter of being invited. Ideally I'd love to give everyone who wants to try a chance... but the unfortunate result is a lot of new DMs tend to lose steam, and a large pool of innactive DMs will begin to accumulate every couple months. I will continue to invite those to DM who I, and the other DMs, think would be well suited for it. But if you would like to be considered please send me a private-message with the following:

1) Your account Name
2) How long have you played on Andrune?
2) What is your approximate schedule?
3) What experience as a DM have you had?
4) What sorts of events would you like to develop? What gaps in the server lore do you want to see expanded?

This is not an application per se but it lets me know, at a bare minimum, that you're interested. If I don't select you right away you should not be discouraged. It may be I don't know you well-enough yet, or it may be we're already training one less-experienced DM and don't have the time to show another the ropes.

So if you're interested, send me a private message with that information so I know to keep an eye.

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