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The Elder Fey

The Fey Wilds is a contradictory place. In many ways it is a place of constant change and changing constants, in others it reflects an Aolyth not seen in eons.
Oldest of the Fey Lords, older than the House of Dagda with their human traits and skills, older still than the multitude of Fey representing the many beasts and birds of the lands, are the Elder Fey. Those who walked the islands when the islands themselves were new.

Most often they represent not animals or aspects of man but forces and features of the world so elemental that they are often taken for granted.

Queen Medb: The first river of Aolyth was the Rathcroghan and legends say it was formed by the blood of Medb a spirit of the sea cast upon the island. It is from this river, which is said to still run through the Fey Wilds to this day, that all the rivers of Aolyth are born. They are of her blood, so it is not lightly that the rivers and their Fey are called her daughters. She is known to take the form of an ancient Sturgeon, a creature which looks like it belongs in the depths of the ocean not swimming in the rivers of the land. Medb is said to still reign in the Crucachan hollow at the font of the Rathcroghan river.

The Ruaich: The Father of the Winds. Lord of unexpected changes and the winds of fate. The enigmatic first Fey Lord of the winds; prayed to by archers, armies, goat herds and farmers alike who are listened to and ignored in equal measure. The title: “Ruaich the inconsistent” is entirely appropriate. He will bring fair weather and good fortune in the morn and foul winds and disaster before lunch. No one has witnessed The Ruaich’s form though it is said his will (and so future fortunes) can be discerned by watching the flight of birds: hence the ancient practice of taking an augury through Orinithomany.

Lord Wildfire: Master of the eternal flame that threatened to consume early Aolyth in unending inferno. He was tricked by the other Elder Fey and remains trapped within a hollow valley atop a mountain deep in the Fey Wilds. Such was the nature of his imprisonment that wildfire in the prime world helps the forests grow and thrive. There is a Tuathan myth that the fires of Dagda’s forge and Modron’s hearth was taken from the Burning Valley of Lord Wildfire and it is this corruption that drives mankind to consume, destroy and expand.

Ratatosk: The First Son of the Forest. Myths tell that Ratatosk is father to all the Fey Lords of the forest’s beasts. There is little known about Ratatosk in modern times even among the Tuatha, a few mentions still persist in legends here and there but for the most part he has been forgotten.

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