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Item & Reward Guidelines

This is a rough guideline for DMs to follow when building rewards for players. All items available in shops and as treasure already follow these rules.

Bare in mind that these rules refer specifically to the named item properties. Haste may be disabled, but an item that casts Haste (10) 2/day is acceptable.


Guidelines for Items and Rewards

*Ability increases are limited to +5
*Armor bonuses are limited to +5
*Attack bonuses are limited to +5
*Save bonuses are limited to +5

(Anything over '+3' should typically be DM-given gear unique to a PC.)

*Damage bonuses should not exceed 2d6
*Damage reduction should not exceed 10
*Damage resistance to physical damage should not exceed 5, and never be to divine and magical sources
*Regeneration should not exceed 1
*Skill bonuses are limited to +10
*Spell resistance should not exceed 20

*Spells over 1st level should not have unlimited uses.

*Bonus Feat: Hide in Plain sight is not allowed
*Freedom of movement is not allowed
*Haste is not allowed
*True seeing is not allowed
*Immunities to effects and damage are not allowed

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