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Building for Andrune

I made this forum so people who are interested in making areas for Andrune can more easily coordinate projects and brainstorm ideas.

Here are a few things to bare in mind!

1) Unsolicited Areas: When you're making something for Andrune please let me know; don't just build something and send it to me out of the blue! I like to make plans about where the area is going to go, and make sure its not redundant. If someone were to build a desert encampment, for example, I'd have nowhere to even put it - and that would be a waste of your hard work.

2) Tags and Resrefs: All areas, scripts, and NPCs should have a unique tag so they don't overwrite any existing content. The best way to do this is to put your initials before the tag of every script, area, item, or monster you. So if I make a crypt with a mummy that spawns I'll name them each: "nu_crypt" and "nu_mummy"

3) Size: Bigger isn't always better. I won't ever not accept something because its too big, but a detailed and beautiful 8x8 is much better than a sparse 16x16.

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