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And in wanders a crazy person...

The door to the Wasted Whale opened, letting in the last of an evening's sun flood the barroom. Normally, anyone coming in to stir the regulars into another round was a pleasant thing to Jariel. Until this newest patron opened his mouth.
  "Oh look, Buvosh!! New things!!" That was all it took before Jariel knew this elf was going to be trouble. And seeing as the elf was alone, he was mildly concerned with his call to 'Buvosh.' Not only that, but his voice carried in it a quiver that was reserved for people who are either about to freeze to death or who are not entirely in control of their own head. His eyes darted about without ever stopping to take anything in, until his eyes locked with Jariel's. It may have been a moment, maybe fourteen of them, but Jariel shuddered all the same when he looked on to the next thing. After wandering through the lounge, he came up to the bar.
  "Buvosh! What do you think this one is?" he said to -- no, at Jariel.
  "I'm Jariel, the bar and inkeep here. What can I get you?"
  "Oh, it knows its labels, Buvosh!!" Motioning to himself, he said "This one is N'yilak, as straight a shot as the name would suggest," and added a definative nod, as though that meant something. "So many of the things here don't. It's strange, so the N'yilak has to give those labels, and then those get upset. Just because the N'yilak is better at words, huh Buvosh?"
  Jariel debating whether or not to ask about this Buvosh, when N'yilak produced from up his sleeve a pixie. It giggled to Jariel, and started fluttering about N'yilak.
  "You'll have to excuse him, mister Jariel. I'll do my best to keep him out of trouble," said Buvosh.
  N'yilak had started playing with the legs of his stool, so Jariel felt safe asking "Not all there, is he?"
  At this, N'yilak shot up, and looked Jariel right in the eye. In a low, perfectly level tone, N'yilak said "The glass is cracked, but perfectly clear, Jariel. Do not fear that which you cannot comprehend." With that, he chuckled, cocked his head to the side, and returned to his former voice "That's what it is, Buvosh! Sesesh! Kochmarosh!"
  This sent Buvosh and N'yilak both into a fit of laughter. Still laughing, the two left the way they'd entered. It was none too soon, as far as Jariel was concerned.
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