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The Witch

The prison of Xi'Rathan had laid in the Elemental Plane of Earth for eons undisturbed. The angelic warriors that held vigil over the prison made sure of that. Housed within Xi'Rathan were some of the most horrid beings ever to walk the Planes: demons, fallen angels, crazed sorcerers and far worse things. But a creature known as the Witch was the worst of them. She could tear limbs from a dragon, call comets from the sky, and turn a man's lover against him with but a thought. She was in the prison for a decade, but a day by the standards of mythical beings.

Using her magic she enchanted a group of Holy Knights, making them see her angelic jailors as demons. As planned, the knights poured into the prison and killed the angels. This was but a distraction, so that the Witch's unholy servants could assault the prison to free her. It was too late before the paladins realized their mistake.

Her plans reaching fruition, Naeva Seladrin, the witch of Andrune smiled to herself with satisfaction as she made the trek to her home, nestled away in a hidden and long-forgotten mire.

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