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Durinham and Canneth's Reach

Canneth's Reach constitutes the northern tip of Andrune, and stretches from the banks of the Emain River all the way out to the sea. In contrast to the neighboring Irontooth Highlands it is a beautiful place best known for its lush plains and fertile marshes. Unsurprisingly, Canneth's Reach is saturated with farms and plantations which have prospered from the rich soil.

Before the Empire marched north Canneth's Reach was home to tribes of firbolg, goblins, and centaur. But the firbolg have long since vanished, and the goblins have been driven into lesser-protected territories. Centaur tribesman can still be found, but they shy from human expansion.

Today, the landscape is dominated by imperial farms and farmers. Its people are well-off, and strongly value civility and education. They tend to shun adventurers and people from the southern empire (Irontooth, Stormcrest, and Moonveil) who they see as crass and barbaric. And while most consider themselves loyalists to the Emperor, the men of Canneth's reach disdain the enormous influence of foreigners and adventurers within Avendel's walls. Most notable of the people of the Reach is their affinity for necromancy and the dark arts. Its standing army is made up entirely of the walking dead who meticulously patrol the Barony's borders. As a price for the safety and splendor they live in all subjects of Canneth's Reach serve their lords in death.


Durinham is the second largest city in the Empire. It is a magnificent port, and well-known for its beautiful architecture and spiraling cathedrals. Its clean streets are swept by reanimated corpses of criminals, and armored skeletons man the walls: both paid little mind by citizens. Unlike Avendel, which rests atop Fomorian ruins, Durinham was built only four centuries to date by human hands. Baron Roland Canneth, paladin of Tyr, was the city's founder.

Durinham and Canneth's Reach are no longer property of the now-disgraced Canneth family, however. During the Baron wars in 1493, when the Emperor was dethroned, Durinham was besieged by an undead army lead by Duchess Olivia Le'tnesh - a former hero of the empire, now reanimated as a death knight. The city fell swiftly and the Canneth family was forced to flee. After many months of occupation by undead horrors, the fallen Duchess Le'tnesh was assassinated by Lady Aura Canneth, and a troupe of adventurers including Nico Webber, Jon Urbane, Avalon Lightenhand, and Sir Riam Norein. Canneth rule was briefly restored to Durinham.

Later that year, Canneth's Reach was struck by famine. A peculiar blight had devastated local harvests and the yeomen were on the verge of revolt. Once more Durinham was brought to its knees, but this time by riot and rebellion. Relief came with the arrival of Baron Xavier Illareth, who marched on Durinham with both soldiers and grain. Ever since, Baron Illareth has ruled Canneth’s Reach without question.

House Illareth

The Illareth family currently rules Canneth’s Reach. Little is known of the family except that they are highly secretive: most of their rule is accomplished through servants and bureaucrats. Nevertheless, House Illareth is renowned for its sorcerous and military prowess. Rumors are abound that they learned their craft from the dread lich Crowley, and that they committed horrible atrocities in their reunification of Andrune, or that they intend to conquer the remainder of the empire and turn everyone to undead thralls. All of this is unsubstantiated, however, and rarely discussed in polite company.

Their house’s scion is Baron Xavier Illareth: a feared warrior and sorcerer who has lived far more decades than any natural man should. He was named champion of Avendel for reuniting the empire during the Baron wars, but has since given up the post.

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