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The Imperial Guard

Nearly all noble houses of Andrune keep a standing army, and should all the Lords of the Empire war against a common foe, soldiers would stand beneath dozens of standards: the Rowleys' red lion, the Ebonhearts' kraken, and the Whistons' violet dragon to name a few. But the greatest standing army in Andrune is the Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Guard, housed within Avendel, is loyal only to the Emperor and the city. Imperial guardsmen have the tasks of keeping peace within Avendel, defending the city from besiegement, and carrying out the emperor’s will abroad. As the personal soldiers of the emperor the guardsmen’s authority is without borders – they are allowed to travel and enforce his law in all corners of Andrune. Nevertheless, they seldom infringe upon the sovereignty of local lords.

Avendelian’s make up the bulk of the guardsmen’s ranks: it is a rite of passage for young men, of both common and highborn blood, to dedicate several years to the army – the accompanying stipend, and prestige, often make the service quite worthwhile. Below is a list of ranks in the imperial guard. It is important to note that commoners may not become officers, and may only rise to the rank of sergeant. Those of noble blood, or who are knighted, may enter the imperial guard as officers:


Field Marshal

Imperial Guardsmen dress in armor of blue and gold; their crest is that of a great eagle. The present commander is Lord-Marshal Thomas Corwin.

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