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The gem shard key

Nurl knew he shouldn’t pick up the gem shard, but something in his dwarven mind would not let it alone. The green, shimmering image of the little girl had said it was a key; that SHE was a key, and that key led to a powerful evil book. The book she had refferred to as a Bible, and from all accounts sounded disturbingly powerful. Whether for good or ill, the pages of the book had been scattered, and multiple keys now existed, or so the child told. What’s worse? The image told of one other who owned several of the pages, and therefore several of the keys. It was a name Nurl, unfortunately, had heard before.

He looked down for a moment and frowned. The name of the other key holder had disturbed him greatly, but due to fear, he decided to not dwell on it, nor think about it. Instead he stowed the shard away deep within his armor pockets. He thought for a moment about what the image said. He would be safe, unless the other found out what he had. He knew he had to remain silent.

He sat a while on the log, well after Isania Jalitana had left. She obviously wanted nothing to do with it, though he was not so easy to shy away from the repercussion if it had fallen into the wrong hands. He was not sure he had done the right thing, and as always, only time would tell.

He sat for a long time and waited to see if any members of the camp came back after the insect attack. Several did and among them was Isania’s father. He treated some minor wounds on a few men and left once he felt the area was in order. He made no mention of the item in his pocket, and never let on about the ordeal him and Isania had undergone with the huge insects. There was only one person he could think of who he could trust in helping him. Nurl walked off as the sun came up the next morning, He was off to find his friend ‘Kedz’. He would not mention the stone again until he was with him, alone and safe. With his help, he would know what to do.
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