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The trees thinned and Elluir walked out into a small field at the edge of Rivenmaur. The sun was high in the sky, reflecting off the water in bright flashes. Elluir started moving into the town. As he looked around, an intense sadness swept over him. This place had known much heartbreak and sorrow. While he only had a rough knowledge of what had befallen the hamlet – he knew enough to be more than a little heartsick looking at the destruction. The forest had decided to take over the town once more - trees rising up in the middle of the road and buildings disappearing under overgrowth. There had been feelings among some of the inhabitants of Aolyth that this overgrowth was not natural – and there may be something else besides nature involved in retaking this town. Elluir decided to stop dwelling on that and leave it for someone else to solve for now. He returned to the reason he had come.

A spell of invisibility he’d received from a friend of his had made his trek to Rivenmaur much easier. He was especially grateful now that he had arrived. Though he couldn’t see anything moving amidst the ruins – something told him this place was not entirely safe.

Elluir turned and followed the feeling in the pit of his stomach. He’d felt it once before when he’d come through this tragic place. It was a deep gnawing feeling. Something that felt alone, dark, and silent. Picking through the remnants of the town he finally spotted what he he’d come for.

The shrine.

Jumping over a crumbling wall, Elluir trotted toward the pile of stone and debris. He was now looking at what was left of the island’s only shrine to Selune, his Silver Lady. This was where the void in his stomach had led him. From what he’d been told the shrine was in a cave underneath and had been destroyed some time ago.

“No wonder there is such a lycanthrope problem here,” Elluir thought to himself. “To have her guiding love taken away – leaves another void. One that would most likely be filled by bloodlust.”

Elluir considered digging through the rubble. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting to find. An old relic? Notes from the past priestess? He wasn’t even sure that he’d really find something with just his digging. The rubble was mostly large and hard to move – maybe he’d need the help of his warrior friend Ort, or one of the island’s many arcane magic users. If there was still a semblance of a cave underneath the rubble he might be able to clear enough to crawl in as a bat.

“Hmmm,” Elluir said with his hand on his chin.

Then he went to work.

Elluir Kal'enel: Nightwing of the Moonmaiden
Cefdnir Hawthorne: Warlock of the Deep Woods
Talia Rowanborne: Owl Daughter of Cerridwen
Aerin Fyrehain: Bronze Sword of Justice
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