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The small brass bell jingled when Elluir walked into the shop. This late in the afternoon the store was practically deserted. Afternoon light streamed through the windows highlighting the motes of dust floating through the air. Weapons and armor of various makes, qualities and sizes covered the walls. The shopkeeper was no where to be seen.

Elluir walked along looking at the armors available. He touched a few intricate chain shirts – then sighed and moved onto bigger suits. He found a few full plate sets of armor, and sighed again.

“Something on your mind?” voice to Elluir’s right caused him to startle.

“Oh- uh, hello there…” Elluir stammered. “No, nothing really, why do you ask?”

“You’ve sighed twice since walking in here – something’s on yer mind.”

“Well I guess there is something.”

The shopkeep grunts for him to continue.

“I’m rather attached to my old light traveling armor. Now that I’m here more permanently and well…getting into trouble more often…I need to get something different.”

“Attached to your armor, eh?

“Yessir, it was a gift from the Temple of Selune.”

“Attached to yer neck?”


“Well unless you get something a little nicer than that chainmail you have on – you’re not going to be attached to that neck long.”

Elluir was quiet for several moments before he spoke again.

“The full plate doesn’t really LOOK nice.”

The shopkeep visibly restrained his annoyance. “Would you rather have pretty priestess tuatha mail, or I don’t know, your LIFE?”

Elluir stared at the man for several moments, sighed and pointed at the full plate that was the least hideous.

“Stop sighing.” The shopkeep said as he collected the armor and took Elluir’s money. The armor was packed up and Elluir left the shop, sighing once more on the way out for good measure.

Elluir Kal'enel: Nightwing of the Moonmaiden
Cefdnir Hawthorne: Warlock of the Deep Woods
Talia Rowanborne: Owl Daughter of Cerridwen
Aerin Fyrehain: Bronze Sword of Justice
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