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Imperial Wheels

It had taken Kedri a number of weeks and countless petitions to get this far, but he just kept writing them and pestering the appropriate persons and so now here he was. Here is this case was the opulent main hall/reception room of Veldur Bellar, whose arrival he was currently awaiting. The room itself was impressive, intricate tapestries, beautifully carved furnishings and fine silk draped ornately over just about everything. However going by his rough estimation of the size of the grand foyer compared to what he’d seen of the exterior, either Mr.Bellar slept in a room roughly the size of a broom closet or in the basement.

Suddenly and with surprisingly little pomp Veldur swept into the room; he was a somewhat rotund man, all chin and no neck, dressed in the latest fashions of the day. “Kedri! My dear boy! How simply wonderful of you to come calling!” he announced in a clearly put on tone and accent of gentility as he sat opposite.

This familiarity threw Kedri for a few moments as he had never before met the man, much less clamped eyes on him. He suspected that was rather the point, to throw him off guard. “Good day Mister Bellar, thank you for agreeing to see me”

“Not at all! Not at all! Tea? Turmish Delight?” He proffered a bowl at Kedri who shook his head with a polite “No thankyou.”

“You simply must dear boy! Imported all the way from Faerun, each piece costs a small fortune but it is simply to die for!”

Kedri reluctantly took a piece and ate it with all the appropriate noises of compliment and adoration, though in fact compared to previous samples he had tasted back in Faerun this example tasted stale and slightly of sea salt.

“Now, to business! I hear that you wish to set up a shop in Bodkin, simply marvellous idea dear boy, simply marvellous! And as a representative of the most honourable Lord Rowely in a number of the Empire’s more Arcane property procedures I am of course well placed to help you out, and that is what I wish to do. I am always, as is the dear Lord Rowely, a friend of the common man.”

Veldur paused to smile beatifically at nothing in particular for a moment before continuing. “And as your friend dear, dear Kedri, I must urge you against this action. I mean a magic shop…”

“Arcane Supplies Store” Kedri interjected “The shop itself won’t be magical.”

Veldur’s smile grimaced at him “Of course, my apologies. An ‘Arcane Supplies Store’ in Bodkin would simply be a folly. The people of Bodkin are a simple folk, closer to the Toril, grounded, ignorant, dirt poor and all the dearer to my heart for it. Best case scenario? You loose all your money, and I would hate to see such a fine young entrepreneur brought low like that and worst case…” and this last part he rushed through with a certain malicious relish “…they tie you up and burn you at the stake.”

”Well as you can see from my petition, I have the backing of the Constable. I doubt he would allow me to set up shop if he thought it would disturb the peace.” Kedri argued as calmly as possibly.

“Ah yes, such a shame that we lost Constable Dax. A truly magnificent public servant, such a shame he” Veldur placed a strong emphasis on the “he” leaving it to hang a moment before continuing “is not around to endorse your request.”

“Secondly just look at New Rivenmaur, I believe having such a shop would bring more adventurers to the town. And what do adventurers bring?”

“Street Brawls and sexual diseases.” Veldur answered po-faced.

“Money” Corrected Kedri. “They come to make use of the shop but while there they spend money in the Hopper’s Hole, the healer’s hut and so on… one more reason to visit the town is one more source of Krown flowing in. Which ups the tax revenue available to the magnificent Lord Rowley.”

Veldur listened silently now so Kedri continued. “Also I intend to provide some useful trinkets for the people of the town, nothing too extraordinary, just little things to make their lives a little bit easier, make them a bit happier, contented.” Kedri announced “contented” so that Veldur could clearly hear that the opposite was a troublesome possibility.

There was silence for a moment, broken by a cat meowing somewhere in the house. Veldur had gotten a far off look as Kedri talked, at first he had worried he was no longer listening but he was now pretty sure he was remembering something as he watched Kedri. He rubbed his hands together checking the spell was still working.

He had been annoyed at having to wait so long in the foyer for fear that the Eagle’s Splendour he cast would wear off. It was a magnificent spell really, and aptly named. It wasn’t Eagle’s Beauty for a reason it brought out something of that animal’s inherent majesty and command rather than improve your looks. Examining Veldur now, he theorised that something about the way he was presenting himself through the spell was triggering a memory in Veldur, perhaps all he needed was a small push.

As the silence prepared to collapse into an answer from Veldur and seeing the slight note of doubt remaining Kedri spoke before the other man had a chance, placing a bag of Krown on the table. “I have the money for the land already.” He announced with a helpful smile, placing a second bag on the table. “And an advance on my tithe, to show my respect to the good Lord Rowley and … his capable not to mention gracious representatives.”

A small smile flickered across Veldur’s lips, which he licked. From what Kedri had heard of Rowley he hadn’t thought to find such a man as Veldur in his employ. However the Lord was still a part of the imperial system, which was old , and such aged systems have a way of accumulating such people. The smile on Veldur’s face grew as he opened his mouth to speak. “I can but petition my Lord with your request. You shall be informed Mr.Senderthen. Good day… leave the gold.”

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