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And so, life goes on

A lone, giant she wolfess sat beside the stone altar, nose just inches from the worn arrow embedded in it. Her breath misted in the air. She could feel the unease in the air, whatever was coming, it was big. She let out a wolfish sigh and turned her golden gaze back to the arrow, wishing desperately it would provide her the advice she sorely wished.

There was a snap and her ears flicked, she turned, watching as a growing wolf cub bounded after a scurrying rabbit. There was a wet slurping noise, then a crunch, and the cub let out a triumphant howl. It had prevailed, and now its belly would be full.

She kept her gaze on the cub, it was oblivious to the giant she wolfs attention, too busy enjoying its meal. That was life, the strong lived, the weak died, the hunters hunted, and the prey tried to outfox its hunter. Yes, things would be okay, but perhaps, for a least a brief moment, she could offer them some measure of peace.

The giant wolfess strode off, disappearing into the forest. Yes, life would go on, the hunt would continue, but for a moment, even the prey would know the joy of peace.
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