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Listen Check on a Dead Man's Grave.

It was daytime in sandman’s vigil, Kedri and his Beholderkin familiar Pathos were wandering through the graveyard. “Putting Musties back to their rest is entirely unsatisfying, most times they just get up again the next day.” Pathos opined floating by a small statue of a Celestial which he regarded distastefully.

Kedri was wandering between the graves clearly lost in thought; he frowned at one in particular as if it had caught his attention. Pathos made an impatient bob; he wasn’t sure why they were dawdling here. “Have you made use of any of those tip offs I gave you yet?”

“Not yet Pathos, I’ve yet to be in town when those Librarians leave to get themselves pickled.”

Without any warning Kedri dropped his pack on the ground and knelt by the grave, he patted the dirt before the stone uncertainly, and then dropped down onto his chest laying his ear against the soil.

Pathos regarded this with incredulity, “What… in the name of the infinite layers of the Abyss… are you doing?”

The young mage ignored him for the moment, moving his head round to try the other ear on the grave soil.

“Is this some Necromancy practice?” Pathos floated over regarding him now with interest.

“No, you know I don’t go much in for that.” Kedri answered curtly “It’s a divinatory… thing. Hester told me about it.”

The look of incredulity returned to the beholder, “You worry me sometimes Ked. Well?”

Kedri tried swapping ears again, and then sighed sitting back up. “Not a thing.” He scratched his head, staring at the grave a few moments more before collecting up his pack. “Maybe I was doing it wrong.”

“Maybe she was talking Gnoll vomit?” The Eyeball suggested helpfully.

“Maybe you show some respect.”

“Maybe you should do your own damnable surveillance.”

Kedri held his tongue letting his familiar have the last word in the matter to keep him placid. Just then the sound of someone approaching in armour made them both turn to face the main road.

Both moved soundlessly to hide in the shadows of two graves lest it be Wyrmcultists, The clanking approached and disappeared off into the crypt bellow.

“How goes your attempts at Shadow Magic?” Pathos asked impatiently as it would have allowed them to hide with less effort.

Kedri frowned “Slow. It’s all couched in terms of Illusion magic, so I’m going about it the way a non-weave user would… it’s all about gaining a tactile feeling for the shadow.”

“And why not just sit down and try to understand illusionary magic?” Pathos asked as the two started towards New Rivenmaur.

“Well because I would have to go back to first principles, I’ve always shunned it.”

“And that’s more difficult than getting a “tactile feeling for the shadow”?” Pathos snarked.

“Yes ..”


Kedri shoved his hands in his pockets sullenly. “Because I don’t like the idea of the magic I weave being a lie, I’ll use it to deceive but I refused to let the magic itself be deceptive. “

Pathos wasn’t sure he understood and if he had eyebrows the combined rustling of their quirking would have been quite loud. He decided to change the subject. “Why do you humans insist on burying your dead, just about every town we’ve come to has had an undead problem.”

“Good point.” Kedri nodded in agreement.

“I mean wouldn’t it be more efficient to just eat them?”

Kedri opened his mouth to try to explain why that wasn’t a good point but he stopped himself and just pressed on with the walk.

“What?” Pathos asked confused. “It’s a valid suggestion! What did I say?!”

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