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Erawyn's Origin Myth

Long ago when Fir bolg and Tuatha were brethren, so too were their divine spirits. To Mag Mell and the Halls of Avalloch Erular would travel. Greeted as friend and brother, he was welcomed and lay beside Modron's fire. There Erular and Dagda spent many a night carousing.

One night, while Modron slept, the two spirits boasted to the other. Erular claimed he was the better, with keen eyes, nose, and ears, he could hunt any beast that walked the realm. He declared that his duties as steward of the forests, keeper of hunters, Lord of the Pack, were far more difficult than Dagda's. Dagda laughed and replied that he could not be bested in any crafts of the hand. That no other spirit could master nor handle his forge, saw, or chisel. Believing each other a liar, the two entered a bet. They would secretly live as the other for 10 year’s time, taking on the others form and function.

 Erular became Dagda, working his forge and learning his crafts. Dagda took the shape of a wolf and ran wild in the forests, leading Erular's pack and going so far as to take a wolf bride among the Tuatha. They lived as the other for single year before Modron uncovered the deception. During the day her “husband” had tenderness towards her, but when the time came to sleep, as soon as he got into bed, he turned his face to the edge and placed his back to her. From that moment until the morning he would not speak a word to her. This behavior puzzled Modron who was so used to her husbands affection and hours of idle talk. One night she waited in bed, her sickle and shield hidden among the covers. When the disguised Erular lay beside her, she pinned him with her strength and weapon and forced the truth from the great wolf.

With rage and fury Modron then drove her ram-drawn chariot into the forest. She plucked her husband out from among the wolves and dragged him and his tuathan wolf bride back to Mag Mell. Finding the wolfess heavy with child, Modron swallowed her whole. Dagda saw his wifes pain and apologized profusely, explaining that the wild instincts had over taken his senses. He soothed her anger with sweet talk and kisses, and promised to never cross her so again.

Nine months later on the winter's solstice Modron's belly growled and rumbled. She lay down her spinning and let out a thunderous belch from which sprang an infant swaddled in the skin of the wolf Modron had devoured. Dagda picked up the infant and named him Erawyn.

This is how the Winter Lord came to be.

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