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Arcane Darkness

Kedri had cloistered himself in a room at the inn in Bodkin. He spoke with no one, left first thing in the morning, arrived back late and stayed up most of the night.

Every day he went out to the foothills beyond the town and experimented with the arcane darkness spell.

The darkness it brought wasn't an illusion, nor was it an exagerated shadow but rather the magic refused light the right of passage through an area.

He modified the spell every night, most days it refused to work at all with his changes. Today it worked and he retained some control over it.

His attempts to move it with his mind failed, his verbal comamnds fell short but it showed signs of responding to somatic commands, though the results were minimal. The motions seemed to evoke a response just not much of one.

It was a start at least, he would keep up his work for a while more before returning to the city. He sensed that he was on the right track but his destination still lay a good distance ahead.

//Or alternatively, I'll be back later in the week, busy writing a thesis.

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