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It had been quite an adventure finding and restoring Lord Ebonheart to his rightful form, and while they had been amply rewarded Kedri was yet to spend a single coin, being fixated on a more esoteric prize from the journey- A signet ring, once belonging to a Library scholar.

He travelled out of the city. The ring wanted to go in the direction of the Tribune and he could guess its destination. He was tempted to see if the vague whispers he had heard out in the hills would be full voices here in the city but he resisted instead getting as far away from the spire as he dared go.

With the aid of others he ended up at Bodkin, and decided near here was were he would attempt his workings. He procured a room at the Inn along with buying some candles and convincing Jeremiah to let him take ash from one of the fires, what an odd look he got for that one and he found a quiet spot outside of the village where he wouldn’t be disturbed.

His plan was to remove the rings ability to communicate outwardly while leaving its ability to listen into the Library’s other communications.

First a few minutes to focus. Next he placed the black pouch in which he’d been keeping the ring on top of a flat rock before him. A double-check of the notes he’d made and he began the ceremony proper. He pieced it together from different pieces he’d heard here and there. It began by creating a circle of ash around the ring, while attempting to create a weaker form of dispel magic. Hopefully this would cut the ring off from communication of any kind while within the circle without completely removing the magic.

With that done, the ring was taken out of the bag and left in the centre of the circle. Enchanted objects are tricky, the magic matures and grows. It takes root in the object so it’s hard to work with. But Kedri was going to try.

He held both hands in a dome around the ring and began the mental part of the ritual, he chanted out loud a repeated four bars in Draconic while in his head he constructed the spells and counterspells he’s be feeding into the ring. His hope was that the Library wouldn’t have expected to loose these rings very often, less to not have retrieved them by now, much less have them fall into the hands of someone who could use it and most wishfully of all that maybe they were so confident in their own well rehearsed abilities that they wouldn’t have prepared the ring for a piece of non-traditional stitched together magic.

Kedri began to feel that his attempt to isolate any sending magics while leaving the receiving magics in place might just have taken hold and so he sealed it by coating the ring in fresh wax from a lit candle, to provide a receptacle for the magics being removed and rolling it around the full circle of ash to dampen the magic moved into the wax.

Finally he took the waxy-ashen ring to the small lake on the edge of town and washed the layer off, as he did so a small glow spread through the water. It might just have been the magics he’d put into it being dispelled without having affected the object at all or maybe, just maybe it had worked. He had no way of knowing, as far as he knew this was the first time this ritual had been performed having been invented last night.

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Re: Ritual

Kedri feels the golden signet ring twitching and squirming in his grasp... as though trying to break free and return to its master. But the faint whispers the young man had grown accustomed to are silenced.

The magic ring appears to have been severed from its siblings, at least for now... though the enchantment has not been broken.

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