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Fir Bolg: People of the Hills

The Fir Bolg:

Capital: There is no current capital.
Ruler: Traditionally a king was chosen from among clan chiefs, but currently they are official subjects of the Emperor.
Government: A council of clan chiefs.
Resources & Industry: The Fir Bolg culture centers around cattle raising and agricultural.

The Fir Bolg are said to be the original human peoples of Aolyth. Pre-Andrunesse legends tell of the thriving Fir Bolg kingdoms and their mighty heros. Only the echoes of such a civilization still exist today in the ruins and legends around the island. Their civilization was shattered and scattered about Aolyth after a great war with the Tuatha, though their culture and peoples still live on in the more savage reaches of the island where their descendants still live.

Today the Fir Bolg are subjects of the Andrunesse Empire. During the Andrunesse conquest of Aolyth, the defeated clans were pressed into servitude and folded into into the growing empire. Today the majority of peasant and serfs in northern Aolyth are, or perceive themselves to be, ethnically Fir Bolg. Some groups of Fir Bolg were able to evade the empires grasp and still exists as isolated clans among the hills, still following the old ways and waiting for a king to restore their greatness.

"Opiferque Per Orbem Dicor"
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