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LETO Request Form

If you want to have any aspects of your character edited or changed, post it on this forum or send me a private message. Please include the following info:

Account Name:

Character to be changed:

Requested alterations:

Please give me both the number, and the name, of any body parts you want for your character. "Dark grayish dragon wings..." isn't very useful; "Bronze Dragon Wings, model #60" is.

If you want your portrait changed I'll need the tag. Posting the image, or an NWNVault link isn't helpful. Portraits usually consist of five files with a suffix of h, l, m, s, and t. The tag of the portrait will be whatever comes before the suffix:

If the file you're looking at is "po_human_m_10_h" then the tag is "po_human_m_10_" for example.

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