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Witch Hunt

News quickly spreads throughout Andrune that the Firbolg witch, Rhiannon, is wanted for questioning by the Avendel City Watch. Rhiannon has been accused of the attempted murder of a noblewoman. It should be noted that assaulting the nobility of Andrune is a high crime.

Rhiannon is described as a young red-haired woman with a sharp tongue. She is known to wear a pointy hat and to command dangerous sorcery. Twenty thousand (20,000) krown is offered for her live capture.

Also wanted for questioning is the mercenary Alishi Thenneset. Alishi is accused of being complicit in Rhiannon's escape, and of the attempted murder of one of Lady Rowley's entourage.

Alishi is described only as a dark, raven-haired woman with a preference for revealing armor. She is known to carry an unusually large blade, and commands a vast array of magic and necromancy. Ten thousand (10,000) krown is offered for her live capture.

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